Molde7topper is one of the worlds best trail endurance events. Set around the Romsdal Mountains and the town Molde, Norway, this is organized by a group of local run enthusiasts. It really is a friendly event, supported by a lot of local volunteers, where the whole town walks out to the mountains to cheer the runners.

This is proper running.


M3T - 11km - 700m climbing

M5T - 14km - 950m climbing

M7T - 18km - 1400m climbing

M7ULTRA - 50km - 3000m climbing, gives you 3 ITRA points,

This is a fully marked trail run over 7 mountains, along trails and over wild terrain. No navigation is required, but instead, a ‘mind over matter’ determination.


There are two classes available for the M7T, they both complete the same route but start at different times:


Elite runners, you choose this group if you do half marathon on <1:50.


Normal running enthusiasts.


There is also a third class, TRIM, here you start without any timing. You do the race in your own pace, if you feel 7 summits is too much, you can take 3 or 5 summits.

If you want to do an even longer race, we also have the M7ULTRA, 50km  2700m climbing.

There are aid stations around the route with simple energy and water. It is advisable to take your own mini backpack with extra nutrition, water and suitable clothing. The weather might change up in the mountains and an extra waterproof, gloves and hat is advisable... or sunglasses.


25.05 2019

07:30 - Briefing ULTRA

08:00 - Start m7ultra, 50km

08:00 - 10:00 - Start TRIM

10:00 - Start MOSJON

11:30 - Start AKTIV

12:00 - Start m7kids, For 3-8 years old. 250 meter running at Romsdalsmuseet. Free participation.

13:30 - First runners arrive Romsdalsmuseet

15:30 - Awards ceremony

18:00 - Arena closes


Molde House Museum. Per Amdams veg 4, N-6413 Molde




This is an extension of the Molde7topper.  Start at Romsdalsmuseet, track goes via these mountains: Tusenårsvarden (Moldeheia), Tussen,  Skolmelia, Såta, Frænavarden, Storfjellet, Nonsfjellet, Valletua, Nonsfjellet, Audunshø, Togeheia og Varden.

This race has two places where you will do an OUT AND BACK, Tussen and Valletua. You meet the M7T staff on almost all mountain tops. The official m7ultra checkpoints will be Tusenårsvarden, Tussen, Nonsfjellet and Åndalsetra.


You must pass Åndalsetra within 15:00 (7hours). Åndalsetra is 10 km from finish.


On the route you will find 5 drinking stations and water in rivers are ok to drink. Fill up your bottles when you have the chance. It will be 10 km or more without any opportunity to refill.

Bring a backpack with your mobile phone, fully charged, a first aid kit, reflective vest, whistle, map, windproof jacket, food and water. We also recommend a hat and gloves. Poles are allowed.

You collect your map together with your start number at registration.